Dog Grooming in Big Rapids

No matter what breed of dog you have, they will benefit from professional dog grooming. Some breeds, such as the Poodle, have continuously growing hair that requires regular grooming, but that doesn’t mean that other breeds don’t need it! Grooming offers every dog important health benefits, as well as helps them to get used to being handled around the face and paws. At Riversbend Boarding & Grooming, we feature professional dog groomers who deliver exceptional cuts with unparalleled care and compassion. Call us at (231) 796-3507 to schedule a grooming appointment today.

dog grooming in big rapids, mi
dog taking a bath

Our Dog Grooming Services We Offer in Big Rapids

We’re local dog groomers who are dedicated to delivering a comfortable, pleasant grooming experience to your pet, and a fantastic cut that suits your preferences. Our services include:

  • Bath, brush, and blow-out
  • Specialty, customizable cuts
  • Breed-specific cuts
  • Walk-in nail trims*
  • Medicated therapeutic baths (by request only)
  • Onsite boarding as well

*We do accommodate walk-ins, but please call ahead so we can be prepared to receive you.

Health Benefits of Grooming

Your dog will not only look great, they’ll feel great too. Our dog groomers make sure to take your pet’s unique needs into account as we perform our services. We use low-stress handling to ensure your pet’s comfort from start to finish. Additionally, grooming by our professionals near Big Rapids means your pet’s skin and coat are closely examined for any problems or abnormalities. If we do find something of concern, we'll let you know so that a veterinarian can assist you in finding a solution for your pet. Additionally, dog grooming brings the following benefits to your pet:

  • Removal of matted hair which can be painful and cause several skin conditions
  • Trimming of long hair that can cause discomfort through extra weight and restricted vision when it covers the eyes
  • Nail trims keep the nails short and blunt which prevents overgrown nails
  • Removal of any irritants caught in their coat such as dirt, dust, grass seeds, etc.
  • Checking your pet for fleas, mites, and other parasites that could go unnoticed
  • Increase of sociability through a positive grooming experience

Contact us today at (231) 796-8786 to schedule an appointment with our dog groomers! We look forward to serving you and your pet!