Vaccinations are an integral part of preventative medicine.


The importance of dog and cat vaccinations in Big Rapids, extends beyond that of your pet’s health—it helps keep others safe and healthy as well. Proper vaccination in all cats and dogs within the Big Rapids community significantly improves your pet’s quality of life and keeps you and your family safe too.

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Core Vaccines For Dogs

Core pet vaccinations protect your dog against a handful of common, sometimes fatal diseases. Luckily, a tri-annual is available for many of these. Below are the core vaccines for your dog:

  • Rabies (3-year after initial series).
  • DHPP, or distemper-hepatitis-parainfluenza-paravirus (3-year after initial series).
  • Leptospirosis

For dogs who spend time away from home, we also recommend the following:

  • Bordetella, or “kennel cough,” is particularly important for pets who frequent dog parks, daycare/boarding facilities or grooming facilities. Some veterinarians consider Bordetella a core vaccine due to its frequent nature and ability to complicate any other respiratory infection
  • Lyme, protects against the tick-borne illness in outdoor dogs, especially those who frequent wooded areas. Learn more about tick-borne illness at
  • Canine Influenza, contains two strains of influenza that are currently identified and is recommended for dogs that travel and is important for pets who frequent dog parks, daycare/boarding facilities or grooming facilities.
veterinarian examining cate for vaccinations

Core Vaccines For Cats

Cats have different needs than dogs, and therefore different pet vaccinations requirements. Below are the main vaccines we recommend in cats:

  • Rabies (3-year after initial series).
  • FVRCP, or feline viral rhinotracheitis-calicivirus-panleukopenia (3-years after initial series).
  • Feline leukemia vaccine is recommended early in life for every kitten after testing. Cats over the age of two years old that go outside or have multi-cat exposure are recommended to receive the leukemia vaccination annually.

While there is a vaccination for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) its use routinely is not recommended. A discussion with your veterinarian would be needed to determine if it is right for your cat.

Veterinary Services

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