Exotic Pet Care in Big Rapids

At Riversbend Animal Hospital, we not only take on the care of the typical household pets of Big Rapids, but care for your less common companions as well. Birds, small mammals, and reptiles all have medical needs that require a professional veterinarian check up just as much as your dog or cat.

exotic pet care in big rapids, mi
chameleon on a person's hand

Importance of Exotic Pet Care in Big Rapids

While dogs and cats can often be hard to read, birds, reptiles and small mammals can be even harder. Since many of them would typically be "prey" in the wild, they are programmed to hide any illness or injury extremely well. In order to ensure your pet is in optimal health, you should bring your pet in for a routine exam annually. With regular check-ups, we can catch any health issues sooner rather than later, giving your pet the best chance for a quick recovery. Each species has its own specific needs, and our team of veterinarians will give your pet the unique care it deserves.

Here are several things we consider at an exotic pet care appointment:

  • Habitat conditions
  • Handling and socialization
  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Grooming
  • Spay and neuter, particularly for small mammals such as rabbits or ferrets
  • Vaccinations, particularly rabies for small mammals likely to be outdoors

From Your First Appointment and Beyond

At your pet's first appointment, we'll be able to assess their overall health and suggest an ongoing care plan from there. Exotic pet care requires vigilance in your pet's regular behavior so you can notice when something is not right. Part of exotic pet care at Riversbend includes educating you on what signs may indicate an illness so you can bring them in to see us right away. The more you know, the better you can care for your pet at home.

To schedule your appointment for your exotic pet, please call us today!