American Animal Hospital Association Accredited Hospital

Riversbend Animal Hospital has been an AAHA-accredited hospital since 2013. 


This accreditation sets us apart from other area veterinary hospitals, as we meet over 900 standards that the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) lays out. These standards focus on aspects of veterinary medicine such as patient care, surgeries, imaging, medical records, cleanliness, and much more.

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Our Standards

An AAHA-accredited hospital goes above and beyond to care for its patients. Some of the standards we meet or exceed include:

  • Cleanliness and sanitation: This prevents the spread of disease. Any pet who comes in with a contagious disease is quarantined to protect our other patients. We also use antimicrobial agents for cleaning any area the animal comes in contact with.
  • Anesthesia monitoring equipment: Anesthesia, whether for dental care or surgery, presents its own risks to your pet. With our in-depth monitoring equipment, we watch their progress before, during, and after the procedure.
  • Surgical protocols: Elective or non-elective surgery can have a great impact on your pet and may mean a significant recovery time. To minimize the impact of surgery, we take extra precautions during procedures. An exclusive surgical suite, sterilized equipment, and separate attire for the surgery team are all part of protocol for an AAHA-accredited hospital.
  • Preparation for emergencies: During our operating hours, we handle any emergency that walks through our doors. We have an emergency kit stocked with equipment and drugs in a dedicated location that is always at the ready.
  • Dental procedure standards: Dental care plays a pivotal role in your pet’s health. Our standardized procedures give your pet the most out of every dental appointment. We not only clean above and below the gumline but take time to do a thorough assessment of your pet’s whole mouth.
  • And so much more.

Accreditation for veterinary hospitals is not required by law, unlike human hospitals. Going the extra mile to become accredited shows a higher level of dedication, so you can feel confident in bringing your pet to us. Our hospital’s environment reflects a view of excellence—we never stop delivering the highest quality care for your pets.