ACL/Knee Surgery

The instability of the knee can be fixed with particular treatments.

veterinarian treating injured leg of dog

ACL/Knee Surgery

Depending on the specific injury, breed, weight and condition, Dr. Ruth will choose the best treatment plan for each individual pet. There are specific procedures that correct the destabilization of the knee.

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Generally performed on medium to large breed dogs to stabilize the knee for a partial or complete cranial cruciate ligament tear
  • Dr. Ruth can perform the TPLO surgery in dogs from 20 pounds to 170 pounds
  • For the TPLO surgery we use exclusively Biomedtrix TPLO implants
Lateral Suture (other names Modified Retinacular Imbrication Technique (MRIT) or "fishing line technique"
  • This is typically used in smaller breed dogs, such as a chihuahua or maltese, to stabilize the knee
  • Dr. Ruth only recommends this technique in dogs less than 25 – 20 pounds

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